reclama misogina la Joe

A aparut si pe Sociological Images cu urmatorul titlu (care, de altfel, o rezuma foarte bine): 

Printre comentarii gasim:
Rolton: "And that’s not just some random advertisement — it’s good ol’ Nestlé."

mordicai: "On the plus side, I learned from the YouTube comments how to say “extrem de misogina.”"

Deaf Indian Muslim Anarchist: "yes, that’s right! It was a woman who got a man kicked out of Eden! It was a woman who broke up the Beatles! And yet another woman who broke up the Sex Pistols! I really f–king HATE and LOATHE advertisers, they are the ones who spread SEXISM and keep the fire of misogyny BURNING by brainwashing viewers that women are to be blamed for everything."

Anonymous: " But if misogynistic commercials have taught me anything, it’s that when teh wimmins talk, men don’t actually listen! It’s just a rush of words about shoez, how she hates her bestfriend and how fat she is! Yet, in the world of this commercial, the men are actually listening to the women, without their eyes glazing over and their brains shutting off! And then they actually follow that advice! My mind! It is blown!"

As mai adauga o interpretare personala: nu vi se pare ca sexismul reclamei are la baza o anumita forma de antisemitism? Exemplul clasic: conspiratia evreiasca controleaza financiar si opreste progresul/ creativitatea/ inovatia. Numai ca de data asta evreii sunt inlocuiti cu femei...


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